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Library: Putting Away Childish Things: A Tale of Modern Faith
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Title:      Putting Away Childish Things: A Tale of Modern Faith
Categories:      Fiction
BookID:      1046
Authors:      Marcus J. Borg
ISBN-10(13):      9780061888144
Publisher:      HarperOne
Publication date:      2010-04-20
Number of pages:      352
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover
Description:      Product Description

“We all know that Marcus Borg is a gifted teacher, biblical scholar, and writer of nonfiction, but it turns out that he’s a master storyteller, too.”
— Brian D. McLaren, author of A New Kind of Christianity

Bestselling author, Bible scholar, and theologian Marcus Borg (Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time, The Heart of Christianity, The Last Week) uses his core teachings on faith and the Bible to demonstrate their transformative power and potential in Putting Away Childish Things: the moving, inspirational story of a college professor, her students, and a crisis of faith.




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