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Marg Mooney Reflection - Aug 21, 2011


Miles Ruiz Barnes, a young film maker from St. Mark's, has recently completed his latest video.

Time Machine, by Relic, was filmed at St Mark's and features several members from the congregation.  This Sunday, he speaks to us about his spirituality and creativity.

To see the film, click on this YouTube link:

Katharina Manassis - July 3, 2011

Story of Our Faith:  Matthew 11: 16-19

Conversation with Katharina Manassis:  'Results'

Barrie Wilson, author of "How Jesus Became Christian" joined us on June 19th, 2011, sharing a reflection entitled, "Hidden Voices".

Barrie Wilson is Canada’s Indiana Jones, scouring the Middle East researching mysteries of early Christianity. He is Professor, Religious Studies, at York University, and many of us here today have had the privilege of reading his recent best-selling book, How Jesus Became Christian.

While written for the lay person, his book builds upon contemporary scholarship. In this popular and readable work, Barrie asks questions that many lay people have asked: how did the Jewish Jesus, a popular End-time teacher very quickly become the God-human savior of all humanity? How did early Christianity separate from Judaism?

Sermon June 5, 2011 - Rev. Paul Hutchison


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