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St. Mark’s, through its Sanctuary and staff, offers funeral rites which further confirm the faith fact that death does not have the last word on life.  The service includes readings of scripture, which describe our ancestor’s realization that in life, in death, and in life after death we are not alone.  And it proclaims that in Jesus, the Risen One, we have seen most clearly that the love of God, which is life, has no limits in time or in space.  With this foundation of our faith reaffirmed, the worshippers move to gather up the remembrances of the life that has been lived and offer prayers of thanksgiving for the privilege of having shared this life with our loved one or friend.

While in 21st century city life funeral services are most often held at funeral homes, it is still appropriate to hold them in the church Sanctuary.  If you wish, our minister will assist you in planning a service that reflects both the tradition of Christian faith and your contemporary experiences and expressions of faith.


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